Corporate politics?

Dell recently recalled a bunch of laptop batteries (because a few of the laptops were exploding - if you have a Dell laptop made within the last few years you ought to check if it's safe), the cells of which were made by Sony. Even though it was a fault in Sony's manufacturing process, Dell was getting most of the bad press. However, Apple recently issued its own recall of Sony batteries. This is just a hairbrained theory, but I almost think they may have done it to discredit Sony. Since two manufacturers have recalled the batteries, they have ceased to be referred to as "exploding Dell batteries" and are now "exploding Sony batteries". Sony competes much more directly with Apple in the computer market, whereas Dell computers are targeted towards a much different audience. Dell is Wal-Mart, Sony and Apple are more higher end and artsy. Apple's recall thus points more negative press towards its more direct competition, making Apple look better by comparison. It could be crazy, but then again, that could be what they were trying to do.
(there's my conspiracy theory for the day)